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Getting Started with LED Projects

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There are two ways to receive help with a custom LED lighting project! Custom LED Projects Development pertains to paid support. We also offer a free program called the Free Design Support program. Through this offer, Lunar Accents Design will assist you with your LED lighting project free of charge.

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Custom LED Projects Development

Lunar Accents Design Corporation specializes in custom LED project development. LED technology continues to evolve, as does the demand for custom product integration services. The future of lighting is dependant on a successful transition into the realm of custom LED lighting design. The key to a successful design begins with communication between the client and staff. Throughout the entire design process, the client remains actively involved with every aspect of the custom LED design procedure. Such intimate participation ensures an efficient, timely, and successful result. Our staff incorporates a highly experienced engineering team with customer service experts dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with our clients. The following statements provide a conceptual model outlining each step of a typical development routine. If you are currently considering custom LED lights for project development, please take some time to familiarize yourself with the custom design process.

Client Interview

The initial client interview grants opportunity by a series of general inquiries to learn as much as possible about a client and their specific intentions. Primary points of interest may include LED project related criteria as well as more generalized topics such as business history or outlook. There are no correct or incorrect answers, keeping in mind that the purpose of the interview is purely an attempt to gain common knowledge about the new client. Clients are also encouraged to ask questions in an equal attempt to familiarize themselves with our staff and custom LED lighting design capabilities.

Project Objective

The first stepping-stone is to establish an overall budget as well as explicit target pricing. The budget sets a limit on overall design costs and target pricing sets expectations for material and production costs. It is critical for all parties involved in specific custom LED projects to gain a clear and precise understanding of all project related details. Occasionally, a client might be unaccustomed with LED lights or LED technologies, which can lead to uncertainness and confusion. During the initial design stage, it is curial to focus on the desired outcome, as opposed to spending time in an attempt to understand if and how the goal may be accomplished. Instead, the client should establish a simple checklist including all specifications sequenced from most critical to those of least importance. During an initial examination of list items, our staff will determine which items are most feasible according to the budget and target pricing set by the client. In addition, blue prints, schematics, or simple sketches can be extremely helpful during the during the initial custom LED lighting design process.

Technical Evaluation

After project details are collected and objective is established, an extensive in depth project evaluation will commence. Such an evaluation helps to determine exactly what the custom LED project will entail. Individual project requirements assessed in detail help further educate applications engineers. Finally, an in depth LED project report is presented to the client for further evaluation and discussion. The report concludes on critical items such as estimated design costs, and includes a preliminary design overview. The client may choose to advance, or if necessary, amend report content before resubmitting the details for a reevaluation by our staff.

LED Product Sampling

Lunar Accents Design Corporation stocks an array of sample LED products designed to compliment the preliminary prototyping stage. Custom configured sample products typically fulfill a diverse scope of LED project requirements, while eliminating the need for custom engineering services. Specific details and pricing for sample products are available online. If you have already ordered a high power LED sample, please read the following guide lines that pertain to the proper testing of your sample LED.

Design and Engineering

Subsequent to approval, a design engineer will receive a copy of the evaluation report. This documentation offers a set of guidelines utilized during engineering to create schematics, design files, Gerber files, and other related documents related to the custom LED lighting design. Together, these elementary building blocks transform concepts into a structural project representation. During the primary engineering phase, engineers may address various design factors requiring in depth development. An engineering report provided to the client, summarizes design factors in need of additional attention. As a result, the communications network between client and staff remains intact throughout the duration of the LED project design process.

Final Project Approval

Graduating to the phase of final approval is indeed a major milestone along the course of custom LED project development. The design has been carefully thought-out, evaluated, and engineered. The matured design awaits the client's final approval before moving onto the final stages of development. As the client reviews design documents for final approval, reflecting back on original checklists, schematics, and sketches offers a sense of great accomplishment.


The completed LED project package may include documents such as schematic capture, board layout, bill of materials (BOM), as well as research and development history. All related engineering documents are available upon request. Available formats include hard paper copy or electronic compact disc. All electronic files presented in PDF format by default.

LED Prototyping

The prototype phase is no doubt the most exciting period during the process of custom LED lighting development. Many hours of hard work pay off as the once conceptual design begins to take on physical structure. Prototyping offers a cost efficient replica of the final product, necessary for testing and evaluation. Not only do LED prototypes offer a realistic test subject, but may also serve as invaluable demonstration and marketing materials. It is customary to fabricate numerous prototypes for distribution to the proper correspondences for further testing. The client, as well as engineers involved with the project, typically each receive at least one prototype duplicate. Additionally, back up duplicates archived for future reference offer additional prototypes for miscellaneous testing purposes. Initial prototype testing verifies basic operation and reliability. Field-testing conducted by staff and client can evaluate performance in a real-life environments. Certain applications demand more extensive testing offered to assess temperature affects and long-term reliability.

Design Revisions

It is a popular misconception that further revisions are not feasible subsequent to custom LED lighting project finalization. In reality, revisions performed on a reoccurring basis can improve quality and maintain market competitiveness. Today's highly competitive market demands responsibility to constantly reevaluate and upgrade the LED project performance. As the market evolves and opportunities grow, many clients must advance ahead to participate in a continuous cycle of product revisions. Fortunately, most revisions are cosmetic in nature, and performed without a significant investment in time or money.

Volume Production

The efficiency and success of any mass production run is highly dependent on overall quality of the LED project design. Unique design tactics employed during initial design essentially compliment mass production. Exclusive in-house mass production provided by our experienced team of expert technicians offers a cost efficient alternative to overseas subcontracting. A degree of unsurpassed quality control as well as significant finical benefits includes several advantages gained by sub-contractor exclusion. Lunar Accents Design Corporation is proud to offer premium electronic assembly at amazingly competitive prices. Overall enormous annual volumes account for our incredibly low material and production costs. These tremendous savings in combination with superior quality make Lunar Accents Design Corporation the manufacture of choice for your custom LED lighting needs!

Special Rebates

We encourage you to take advantage of our special offers and discounts. Here you will find a variety of package deals composed specifically for start-up LED projects, many incorporating design, and LED prototyping services.

Free Engineering Evaluation: Valid from 1/1/2007

If you already have an existing LED product in production, or plan to create a new LED product in the near future, please take advantage of our free engineering evaluation service. Our team of experienced engineers will carefully evaluate your current or proposed design. For new products, we may suggest the most appropriate design scheme. For existing products, we may suggest design improvements or component substitutions. A commitment to additional services is not required, so you have nothing to loose. This offer may expire anytime, and may be valid with other offers.

Unlimited Engineering Revisions: Valid from 12/01/2006

Our engineering depart will perform design revisions free of cost. This offer is valid on circuit design and printed circuit board layouts. You must be an established customer and meet annual order requirements. Please contact your representative for additional details. This offer may expire anytime, and may be valid with other offers.

Free Prototype Special: Valid from 02/01/2006

Receive a credit toward previous engineering and prototype costs on a future invoice. The credit may be up to 100% of your original engineering or prototype costs. Commitment to a production run of at least ten-thousand US dollars is required. Projects with excessive engineering costs may not be eligible. This offer may expire anytime, and is not valid in conjunction with other offers.

Sample Product Rebate: Valid from 06/01/2006

When you order a sample product, you can prevent expensive engineering costs associated with custom prototypes. Receive a rebate on a future invoice for up to 100% of the cost of any sample product or products previously purchased. You must commit to a custom production run of at least $3000.00 or greater. Other restrictions apply to this special offer. For additional details, contact a representative. This offer may expire anytime, and is not valid in conjunction with other offers.

Stencil and Programming Rebate: Valid from 08/15/2005

Get a free solder paste stencil and placement equipment programming with any order for a custom production run featuring surface mount components. This offer may expire anytime, and is not valid in conjunction with other offers.