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Custom LED Lighting Products

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Purchasing sample LED products provides an optimal starting point for companies developing new custom LED lighting products. They offer a cost efficient alternative to custom prototype development of automotive LED lights and other lighting projects. All sample products require factory assembly. Discounted direct purchasing for high volume resell is also available for LED light bars and other LED products.

LED room lighting

LED Room Lighting

The LED room lighting offers a beautiful array of corner, hallway, and crown moulding light using the benefits of L.E.D. (light-emitting diode) technology being more energy efficient, environmentally safer, and adding a trendy style for the home, commercial, and industrial use. We deliver the highest-quality, green-friendly "unique LED room lighting systems" to architects, engineers, developers, distributors, builders, product manufacturers, interior decorators, interior designers, and individual home owners. The diverse background in engineering, production and product design contributed to the design and utility for the successful KL-1000 LED Room Lighting project. Our passion is to provide the world with products to help the environment and help the customer's financial bottom line. We are confident in our products, we ensure customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to producing the clients' high-end quality product backed by a five-year warranty.

LED light bars

Design LED Light Bars

LED light bars provide a universal custom LED lighting solution with considerable versatility. Each LED light bar is custom built-to-order, by our in-house electronics technicians. A wide variety of custom options includes but is not limited to various colors, spacing between LED lights, beam angles, and operating voltages. The customer may tailor the LED products to best suite a specialized lighting application. Unique tri-circuit architecture provides three isolated power busses. This design promotes RGB color mixing applications such as automotive LED lights, and can also provide an alternative dimming solution by switching individual circuits on and off as desired. For lighting applications that require maximum luminous flux, additional light emitting diode sets added to the light bar will provide the additional luminous output. An optional polycarbonate tube casing can protect the circuit electronic components and electronic circuitry from the elements. The specialized mounting clips allow three hundred and sixty degree rotation in any direction, after the LED light bar is properly mounted. This unique directional ability is critical for lighting applications that require light only in specific general area.

LED tail lights

Custom LED Tail Lights

Automotive, motorcycle, and automotive accessory manufactures have recently discovered the benefits offered by custom LED lighting technology when compared with traditional tail light bulbs. Although these companies are more than capable of designing their own electronic circuitry, they lack the expertise gained by long them experience specifically with automotive LED lights and other LED products. Perhaps this is why Lunar Accents Design Corporation has become increasingly successful in the realm of custom LED tail light design. Our resources have allowed us to advance beyond the typical electrical engineering firm, and create a diverse assortment of standard LED circuit design techniques. When searching for the most appropriate LED light bars for a specific application, our clients are no longer limited to basic internet searches and their established electronic distribution channels. Our design firm has compiled a vast database containing products offered by multiple LED manufactures, and an interface that allows us to search according to light emitting diode specifications. In an industry evolving so rapidly, it is very important to revisit the latest technological advances in an attempt to stay on top. Our company is dedicated to this task, so you can focus the more important aspects associated with your LED tail light design.

LED boards

LED Circuit Boards Design

LED circuit boards feature unpopulated footprints, which provide the end-user with flexibility to install compatible optoelectronics. Our stock circuit board provides enough flexibility to function in many custom LED lighting applications and LED products. This is a perfect scenario for companies on a restricted budget, who do not wish to participate in our custom design program, and produce custom LED light bars. You can find our stock LED circuit boards in applications ranging from home interior lighting to automotive LED lights. The PC boards are available as individually routed units, or as scored panel arrays for applications requiring high volume automated component placement. The top component layer contains resistor pads with dimensions that accept a standard 1206 surface mount chip resistor. If your application will utilize a constant current source, please request placement of zero ohm resistors, when ordering.

LED indicator lights

LED Indicator Lights

LED indicator lights consist of a single pre-wired LED circuit for on-demand custom LED lighting solutions. Since most LED lamps only require between two and four volts to operate, additional components are necessary when the source voltage exceeds this range. For example, an aeronautical LED lighting application always requires additional components because the LED light bars cannot operate directly from a twelve or twenty-four volt power source. For those less familiar with the general capabilities of LED products, our indicator lights can offer an inexpensive resource suitable for trial and evaluation purposes. Perhaps the client wishes to evaluate a single component prior to purchasing an LED array with multiple bulbs. Other lighting applications may only require a single LED light, and not an entire array. Such applications may include machinery or test fixtures requiring an indicator for functional feedback.

blue headlights

LED Blue Headlights

Blue headlights provide special-effect lighting in automotive headlights. This automotive application provides an eye-catching effect by illuminating the metallic reflective surface located within the headlight housing. Blue headlights only appear at night, while your vehicle remains parked. Upon engagement of the main headlights, the custom LED lighting effect disappears allowing for normally headlamp operation. Also offered is a variety of LED products in alternative colors including red, green, purple, white, and flashing automotive LED lights. Incredibly low power consumption enables around-the-clock operation. Even while the vehicle is non-operative, the LEDs will continue to illuminate the headlights housings without significantly depleting battery levels. Each kit includes two LED lights, one for each headlight. Systematic installation instructions guide the installer through the three-step installation process. A single LED version is also available for motorcycles by special request.

Discrete LED Light Sales

We strongly encourage our clients to take advantage of our remarkable buying power! In many cases, you may find our LED pricing is superior, even to direct manufacturer LED pricing. Due to our significant production volumes, we purchase enough parts for LED light bars to offer client-discounts to those looking to purchase discrete LED components for custom LED lighting use. We stock an extensive selection of 5mm light emitting diodes, as well as various other through-hole and surface mount LED lamps. Contact Lunar Accents Design Corporation and we guarantee to improve your lumen per dollar ratio, or we will refer you to a supplier who can! In addition, our component database allows our engineers to search for light emitting diodes according to specific characteristics. This extremely powerful tool singles out the best choice for your LED products based a series of input criteria, in order to determine the most suitable match for an application. To take advantage of this powerful tool, please contact our engineering department for assistance. One of our engineers will gladly conduct a database search based on your project requirements. Even if we cannot directly supply the component, we will furnish the search results containing the LED manufacturer and part number. Optional input criteria includes but is certainly not limited to, luminous output, luminous intensity, beam angle, spectral wavelength, package style, and power rating. In many cases, we obtain specifications for new LEDs prior to their official release into the public market.