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LED Lamp Indicators

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While ordering, it is important to specify your operating voltage or operating voltage range for the LED lamp. The technician assembling your product will configure the inline resistor making the product compatible with a specific voltage. The 5mm LED light contains either a small metallic backing, or a soft plastic enclosure. In both cases, the solder joints are protected and insulated by either the enclosure or backing. Both styles provide nearly identical operation, but offer the client with a selection of cosmetic options. The metallic backing on the LED lamp only comes in one color. However, the color availability for the plastic enclosure ranges. Custom wire lengths offered by request can help simplify the installation process for any custom LED lighting design. Many of our clients manufacture complex machinery or other electronics systems. Custom LED indicator lights often most suitable for production volume manufacturing. By integrating a small microprocessor into the custom LED lights, the unit can perform complex functions and interact with other electronics systems or peripherals.

LED indicator lights

LED Indicator Lights

Refer to the LED light selection guide below, for a complete list of compatible 5mm LED lamps. The selection guide contains various specifications as well as access to the manufacturer's data sheets. To learn about calculating radiometric flux in watts, photometric flux in lumens, or luminous intensity in candelas, refer to our article about optical calculations. Note that actual results may vary due to operating conditions and binning. Although we have pre-selected a handful of 5mm LED lights that are compatible with the LED lamp, numerous other light emitting diode types are also compatible though a custom lighting design process.

Custom LED Lights

Two versions of the custom LED lamp include the "capsule case" and "cylindrical case". The capsule case features a soft PVC plastic shell, which partially surrounds the LED lamp. Enclosed within this shell is a current limiting resistor enabling operation with a specified supply voltage. The capsule case is available in an array of custom case colors. The cylindrical case features an aluminum cylinder, which covers only the back portion of the LED indicator lights. A current limiting resistor is located beneath a visible layer of shrink-tube spliced inline with the ground wire lead.


LED indicator lights equipped with a cylindrical case best suit applications demanding durability. Additionally, LED indicator lights featuring a cylindrical casing may be able to withstand higher ambient temperatures when compared with LED lamps featuring a capsule case. Secured within the aluminum cylinder is the LED to wire solder joint for both power and ground wire leads. The cylinder is electrically isolated from the circuit. Concealed within the cylinder are several layers of shrink-tube, which provide some strain relief for the wire leads. LED indicator lights equipped with a capsule case best suit applications with a decorative focus. The soft PVC shell encapsulates the rear side of the LED lamp as well as the current limiting resistor. The wire leads terminate through a small hole in the rear side of the capsule case.


All dimensions contain some tolerance. LED singles with a cylindrical case feature an overall length of 0.625" and an overall diameter of 0.232". The LED single with capsule case feature a 0.64" overall diameter and 0.45" overall height. Rubber mounting grommets are 0.344" in diameter and can fit a 0.25" hole. Overall grommet height is 0.188" with a slot width of 0.063".


A rubber grommet located on the wiring in proximity to the LED lamp simplifies mounting. Your mounting surface hosting the grommet should not exceed 0.125" in thickness and must contain a 0.25" hole. Subsequent to mounting, a sealant compound applied to the center of the rubber grommet will prevent the wires from sliding freely, and therefore anchoring the LED single securely in place.


LED singles ship standard with 22-gauge stranded, PVC insulated conductors. Red and black wire insulation corresponds with the power and ground wire leads, respectfully. When connecting numerous LED indicator lights together, a parallel configuration is required. A series configuration would not permit sufficient current flow. Non-traditional configurations specified prior to factory configuration can prevent application failure.

Electrical Specifications

Specify your own operating voltage to best suite your custom LED lighting design. You may also choose to custom configure the LED drive current. Please contact a member of our engineering test for help with choosing the best voltage and current values for your custom LED lighting designs.

Voltage Ratings

Custom LED lights can operate between 5 volts DC and 14 volts DC as specified prior to factory configuration. Using a calibrated voltmeter to measure your power supply's output voltage is highly recommend prior to specifying an operating voltage for factory configuration.

Current Requirements

All LED indicator lights can be factory configured to draw up to approximately 0.02 amperes (+/-) at 25 degrees Celsius. This applies to both InGaN and AlInGap technologies (all colors). Upon special request, an LED lamp utilizing AlInGaP technologies (red, orange, and yellow), can be configured to draw up to 0.03 amperes.

Power Supplies

Utilizing a voltage regulated power supply is highly recommended. Step-down transformers typically do not feature voltage regulation. Any non-regulated power supply may cause the LED single to operate below or beyond standard operating specifications. As a general rule of thumb, maximum current should never exceed 75% of the power supply's maximum current rating. For example, a group of LED singles drawing 0.075 amperes matched with a power supply rated for 1 ampere or greater is acceptable. Numerous power supplies (regulated), are available for purchase. The power supplies are compatible with any standard 120-volt AC power outlet. An RCA adaptor offers compatibility with any LED single equipped with a mating RCA adaptor. Refer to the LED power supply selection-guide.