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Getting Started with High Power LED Samples

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The following safety information pertains only to a specific high power LED sample, provided by Lunar Accents Design, for customer testing and evaluation. This information does not pertain to standard or custom LED products, nor does it pertain to our line of sample LED products.

LED Testing Guidelines

DO NOT connect any part of your sample LED directly to any wall power outlet, such as the power outlet found in your home! You must power the device using ONLY a 12 volt regulated DC power supply. Any voltage higher than 12 volts will damage the LED, and may result in human injury.

DO NOT remove or re-configure ANY PART of your LED sample, including the wires or built-in resistor pack. These parts are necessary for proper operation during testing, and your personal safety.

DO NOT operate your sample LED for extended periods, or leave it unattended. The sample LED is configured for a brief light test ONLY. It is not configured for extended use. You should not permanently install the sample LED into any product.

DO NOT test your LED sample without proper safety equipment, such as safety glasses and/or sun glasses. Exploding LEDs can lead to human eye damage. In addition, LEDs are bright enough to damage human vision if you look directly into the light.

DO NOT touch the in-line resistor pack located on the black wire of your LED sample. This component may become extremely hot within a short period of time. Do not test in proximity to flammable or explosive materials.

Purpose of LED Sample

Purpose of your LED Sample is to provide you with the ability to perform a basic light test only. The light test can offer critical information to be considered before we engineer a custom LED product for your specific application. The light test allows you to determine how much total light you may require. If the LED appears too dim, we can increase the light output, or add additional LEDs to your final product. If the LED is too bright, we can decrease the light output, or utilize a less powerful LED. Keep in mind that we have the ability to design a wide range of custom products with a wide variety of LED lamps.

Power Supply for High Power LED

Finding a Power Supply appropriate for testing your LED sample is critical. We highly recommend that you use a power supply with an output rated at 12 volts DC regulated. Many standard 12 volt DC wall transformers are non-regulated, and will actually produce an output much greater than 12 volts. This is why a regulated power supply must be used. Your power supply may indicate that it is a switching power supply or a switcher, which is normally regulated, and acceptable for use. The amperage or current rating of the power supply should be 400mA or greater. If you cannot find an appropriate power supply, you may opt to tap power from your automotive power socket or car battery. Another 12 volt battery or battery pack may also work. Please contact Lunar Accents Design with any questions.

High Power LED

The LED you have received is commonly referred to as a high-power LED. The surface-mount design allows for direct mounting to the top side of a copper or Aluminum circuit board, or heat sink. Most high power LEDs do require extensive thermal management to allow heat to escape from the junction of the LED. The LED sample you have received does not incorporate an appropriate heat sink, and may become very hot. Keep in mind that a finished LED product may utilize a large external heat sink in order to maintain cooler operation. In addition, high power LEDs do require extensive drive circuity. The sample you have received does not include this circuity, but can still operate long enough for you to test the basic capabilities of the LED.

Contact Lunar Accents Design if you have any questions or are unsure how to test your LED sample. Please contact us also to discuss possible design options for your custom application. Our engineering department can be reached by phone at 404-460-7888 Ext. 111, or via email at