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Year 2006: Current Website

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Our current website design focuses on LED educational material in an effort to educate the public on various aspects of advancing LED technology. The user-friendly page layout allows the visitor to navigate between numerous pages of the website with continuous access to links of related pages as well as previously visited pages. Page coding consists of HTML 4 strict, which relies entirely on cascading style sheets (CSS) for layout and presentation.

Professional LED Lighting Services

Our newest website outlines the various professional LED lighting services we offer, including project development and manufacturing.

2006 website

More about the 2006: Current Website

The orange menu bar located on the top of each page provides links to the eight primary pages. A detailed description of each page is located below. This menu bar was originally yellow but changed to orange so that the orange context headings would match our color theme. The search engine located in the top right corner of each page provides public search capabilities, and links directly to our server side database. Our online database contains a directory of website pages, but does not include access to our optoelectronics component database. The three links located just below the search engine offer links to our website map, terms and conditions, and general help, respectively.

  • Home page features some of our most popular LED solutions and projects as well as links to access the most popular pages found on our website.
  • Products page contains a general overview of our sample LED products. We generally suggest these LED products for evaluation purposes during the early prototype stage of a new project.
  • Design page contains a series of general descriptions to describe our general design capabilities. The link within each description provides access to a complete description of that particular service.
  • Applications page provides a short description of four main design categories associated with LED lighting. This page also contains links to numerous LED applications designed and manufactured by our company.
  • Technology page offers a glimpse into several of the popular technologies we can incorporate into any LED design by special request.
  • Educational page links to a series of detailed LED publications that we offer for educational purposes. The articles contain many of the basic concepts associated with LED lighting technology.
  • Getting-started page goes into the details associated with the initiation process for a client who has decided to proceed with a custom LED design.
  • Company page contains an array of background information about our company, Lunar Accents Design Corporation.

Updated LED Product Line

  • LED light bars are highly customizable and suitable for an unlimited number of LED lighting solutions.
  • LED circuit boards offer the building blocks necessary to complete specialized lighting projects on demand.
  • LED taillight clusters promote vehicle safety and integrate multiple features into a single zero-maintenance low profile package.
  • The LED indicator is a cost efficient solution where only a single LED emitter is required.
  • Pre-approved discrete LEDs and power supplies are also available for custom product integration.
  • Blue headlights can illuminate automotive headlights to offer a unique and stunning ornamental lighting effect.