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Year 2004: Previous Website

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By the end of 2003, Lunar Accents began to stray from the automotive lighting applications as its primary focal point for marketing. A huge demand for alternative LED lighting applications lead our design engineers into the various facets of the LED lighting industry. Although specific applications varied, design principals continue to rely on basic electrical engineering and mathematics. This website revision focused on numerous engineering concepts and ways they apply to the LED lighting industry. We also introduced a new shopping cart system that allowed shoppers to customize their LED arrays to meet very specific design parameters. This new concept offered shoppers the power to create literally thousands combinations online.

Custom LED Design

Our 2004 website targets companies requiring custom LED design and manufacturing services.

2004 website

Homepage Content from 2004: Previous Website

"You have just taken the first step into the future of LED lighting. Lunar Accent's product manufacturing takes place in the United States of America, in-house, by our own certified electronic technicians. We are proud to offer a wide selection of LED lighting products with applications ranging from home interior LED lighting to automotive accent LED lighting. All of our products are hand assembled, tested, and include a warranty. We can also perform custom LED designs at very affordable rates. We invite you to try out our custom prototype service special. For a very competitive price, we provide basic development, custom engineering, circuit design and layout, schematic capture, PCB production, assembly and testing. Email us today and provide your project details."

"Lunar Accents is not an LED lighting product reseller! This simply means that we designed and manufactured every LED product found on our website. Our in-house manufacturing team proudly produces an array of American made products. Do not forget to ask about our custom design capabilities using high output LEDs. When compared with traditional 5mm LEDs, a high output emitter can provide up to 2.5 times more Lumens per dollar. We also offer alternatives to aluminum core boards and external heat sinks."

"LED lighting is more durable and energy efficient when compared to traditional lighting methods such as Florescent, Incandescent, and Neon lighting. The incredible diversity of Lunar Accents LED light bar products allow for an endless number of LED lighting possibilities. Our LED light-bars utilize some of the brightest LEDs available on the market, which is essential for spot, and flood lighting applications. A wide range of available options including various colors, lengths, beam angles and operating voltages, allow the customer to design his or her own light bar online. Not long after submitting an order, the customized LED light bar product is hand assembled and shipped by express service for 2nd day delivery. Please contact us for 2nd day delivery. Our standard LED light bars, tubes, and strips, are now available in even more custom lengths, up to 65 inches. Email customer support to inquire about these custom lengths."