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Year 2002: Previous Website

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The 2002 website revision featured the addition of several new LED products. The homepage now displayed four general product categories including LED headlight accents, LED light tubes, LED interior lighting, and LED wheel lighting. Our current product, the LED array, grew in popularity during this period. The competition was extremely limited, as Lunar Accents was the only company offering custom LED arrays of this nature. This website attempted to focus on the many disadvantages of traditional Neon lighting, while explaining the numerous benefits resulting from modern advances in LED lighting.

Primary LED Products

The homepage form our 2002 website displays our four primary products available during this period.

2002 website

Homepage Content from 2002: Previous Website

"We have all seen those blue headlights before! Those blue headlights are one of the most popular automotive lighting accessories manufactured by Lunar Accents. Our headlight accents will not affect your normal car headlights. The blue effect is only visible during the night, while parked. Your car headlights will continue to operate normally. Our high grade automotive LEDs will not drain your car battery, and do not require a switch. This characteristic is unique only to our LED headlight accents. Our headlight accents are also available in a variety of colors. In the future, automotive lighting will never be the same!"

"In addition to the LED headlight accents, Lunar Accents now offers another amazing automotive lighting accessory, the LED Light Bar. This is the ultimate custom lighting accessory! Do not waste time with fragile Neon lighting. Several other disadvantages of Neon lighting include high power consumption and limited lifespan. Neon lighting can easily shatter. The glass portion of an ordinary Neon light will break to pieces upon impact. In addition, leaving a Neon light on overnight would be like leaving your car headlights on all night, and result in a dead battery. Neon lighting is inefficient, waists power and shatters easily. Unlike standard neon lights, our LED light tubes can endure impacts far beyond that of a normal Neon light. Additionally, power consumption can be as great as one-hundred times less than in traditional Neon lighting."