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Top Five LED Lighting Products in 2008

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We have selected a handful of LED lighting products that incorporate modern LED technologies, and offer an energy efficient alternative to traditional lighting. The list below is in no particular order. Please contact Lunar Accents Design if your company would like us to consider having us publish an article about your LED product.

  1. The PAR 38 LED Cooler by Nuventix offers a new approach to thermal management. Rather than relying on natural convection or fans, the device uses an air jet to actively cool the heat sink surface area. Unlike fans, there are no rotating parts. This allows the SynJet to far exceed the typical life expectancy of a normal fan, and it produces very little audible feedback. Nuventix claims their PAR 38 Cooler can dissipate up to 50 watts, which can permit more LEDs to operate at higher drive currents, increasing the total luminous flux.
  2. The EverLED TR Tube Replacement was designed to directly replace florescent tubes. The light features a number of high power LEDs, but the overall form factor allows for installation without modification to the existing light fixture. Other products also attempt to provide direct florescent tube replacements, but lack the advanced technology of the EverLED TR Tube Replacement. The EverLED product utilizes modern surface mount LEDs, drivers, and advanced thermal management. Together, these features create a more energy efficient home lighting solution.
  3. Beta LED now offers The Edge, a scalable lighting system that allows the customer to customize their product with as few or many LEDs as required. Their light engine incorporates the X-Lamp XRE, one of the brightest and most efficient LEDs available today. The Edge system combines solid thermal management, with an attractive outer enclosure. The specifications claim up to 70 lumens per watt efficiency.
  4. LLF, a company located in Morrisville, North Carolina, has introduced their LR6 downlight. This luminaire is designed to fit into standard six inch recessed housings. Specifications claim 650 lumens at 12 watts, which translates to an efficiency of 54 lumens per watt. Perhaps the most amazing feature is the high color rendering index of 92. Luminaire with a higher CRI normally result in better color rendering, which allows object in the room to appear more naturally.
  5. A drop-in light bulb replacement by LED Waves, incorporates five high power Cree LEDs. According to the data sheets, the bulb will deliver 300 lumens at 5 watts, for an efficiency of 60 lumens per watt. With a 50,000 hour life expectancy, this LED light bulb will out-shine compact fluorescents. By many years. The clever design includes a heat sink near the base, but the overall form factor still mimics that of an incandescent light bulb.