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Sound Activated LED Controller

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I am in need of a sound activated controller for LEDs. Antec used to make one for computer products which was easily usable in my car as it was 12VDC for the PC. I have a new car, and wish to do the same thing, but leaving the sound activated controller alone in my old car.

LED Controller with Audio Inputs

The LED controller may operate from an audio input fed from one of two sources. If the controller contains an integrated microphone, it would allow the LEDs to respond accordingly, to the ambient noise. Installation would be very simple, as you would not be required to install or connect an external audio input. There is also a disadvantage associated with the microphone. It will feed all ambient noise back to the audio processor, and the LEDs will respond to voices, car doors, horns, or other unwanted stimulations. As an alternative, some sound activated LED controllers may feature a hard-wire audio input. This would allow the installer to connect the output or a radio, CD, or MP3 player directly to the controller. Although hard wiring would be required, it would completely eliminate unwanted audio stimulation, as seen with the microphone input.