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White LED Mailbox Address Illumination

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The white LED mailbox offers both convenience and safety by home address illumination right next to the street for easy identification. Earlier versions of mail box lights relied on small fluorescent bulbs to illuminate the mailbox numerals. When customers complained of dim lights and failing bulbs, Lunar Accents Design Corporation was contacted for help. The illuminated mailbox features a series of card slots located on opposing sides of the housing. The end users can individually configure their address by simply sliding corresponding number cards into each of the available slots. The numbers are individually molded, not a digital configuration, for a more professional appearance. The internal light source provides illumination as light passes through the translucent portion of each numeral. Although the original fluorescent bulb provided sufficient illumination, it did not offer reliability or a sufficient lifespan, compared to LED mail box lights.

white LED mailbox address illumination

Mail Box Lights

A sample white LED mailbox and light source shipped to Lunar Accents Design provided the materials required for initial evaluation and testing. After observing the mail box lights in operation with the original light source, applications engineers installed a series of white LED lights for observation and comparison. In the beginning, the light emitting diodes tested did not provide sufficient luminous output. Eventually, a white LED array equipped with brighter LED mail box lights would not only meet, but also exceed, the luminous output of the original fluorescent light source.

Incorporating the LED lights into the mailbox created some new and very exciting opportunities. Primarily, the overall reliability and longevity offered by the white LED array exceeded that of the original fluorescent fixtures. Homeowners no longer needed to worry about checking, or replacing burnt-out fluorescent bulbs, which would also save them time and money. The updated white LED lighting system can operate directly from any 12-volt AC power source, the same as other yard lights. The low voltage power line not only creates a much safer operating environment, but can also reduce the overall wire diameter of the power cord, due to lower power requirements. When considering operating costs, accumulative savings over many years would be significant.

White LED Mailbox Operation

The illuminated white LED mailbox serves multiple purposes from address identification, to a possible emergency beacon. The white LED light continuously illuminates all the numbers located on opposing sides of the mailbox. This allows easy address identification for local delivery and emergency services, especially during hours of darkness. When providing directions, it is convenient to tell them to look for the big glowing numbers on the side of your white LED mailbox. Expect the pizza, or Chinese food you ordered, to be a little warmer upon arrival too. Even more importantly, police, fire, and ambulance personal will have an easier time finding you, when you need help the most.