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Smart LED Tail Light

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Traditional automotive or motorcycle tail lights provide three basic functions. These include the brake, marker, and turn signals, which are typically connected via wires directly to some type of on-board controller or computer located within the vehicle. Such functions are generally limited to; on, off, and pulse (for turn signal use), and provide the basic safety features mandatory for all on-road vehicles. Advances in LED lighting technology have lead to more modern tail lights with extended operating life, better reliability, as well as an increased levels of visibility on the road. However, a new breed of LED tail light goes far beyond the three primary functions of its predecessors.

Modern LED Tail Light Technology

LED lights are much easier to interface and control, when compared with traditional incandescent bulbs, commonly found in older tail lights. This is because LEDs draw less current, and do not require driver circuits with larger, more expensive electronics. In addition, LED lights are more efficient, and do not generate as much heat as much heat as incandescent light bulbs found in the older tail lights. Lunar Accents Design Corporation has taken LED tail light design to a new level. In our newest "Smart LED Tail Light", an on-board micro controller collects and interprets numerous input signals for processing. One function of the new system include the ability to sense ambient light levels, and adjust the LED output accordingly. During the day, the LED brake lights and LED turn signals provide an increased luminous output. In environments with decreased ambient light levels, they dim accordingly. Another function of the Smart LED Tail Light includes a basic A.I. (artificial intelligence) algorithm that records turn signal and braking activities of the driver. Based on a series of pre-defined driving patterns hard-programed into the LED controller, the Smart Taillight can adjust turn signal, brake and marker light functions to provide optimal performance on the highway.