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LED Automotive Lighting

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If you are looking for high tech LED automotive lighting, a company in Tulsa Oklahoma has developed one of the most advanced and spectacular custom LED lighting designs imaginable. TeamLED ( specializes in multicolored programmable accent lighting designed specially for automotive under-carriage use. Light Storm is their latest product employing modern LED technologies in an automotive application. Numerous LED arrays mounted beneath the vehicle produce an amazing eye-catching effect as more than 600 high intensity LEDs illuminate the ground and undercarriage. When connected to the Light Storm controller, the LED arrays begin to strobe, chase, fade, or alternate colors. A remote push button provides the operator with a user-friendly interface to select a desired mode of operation. TeamLED offers custom color combinations as well as customized Light Storm controller routines. They also offer complete installation service on any of their automotive LED products.

LED automotive lighting

Automotive LED Lighting

When TeamLED's sales volumes began to increase, they recognized the potential challenges associated with the custom manufacturing process. They turned to Lunar Accents Design Corporation for production assistance. Since Lunar Accents maintains more than adequate light emitting diode stock, our clients can benefit from our buying power as well as minimal lead times. Our qualified technicians undergo specific training for through-hole and surface mount LED light assembly. All low volume custom orders undergo manual assembly by an actual technician. TeamLED was able to reduce their overall production costs by utilizing our production services, while ordering customized LED arrays on a per order basis. When a customer orders, that customer can specify criteria including LED array length, color, and controller routine. Lunar Accents assembles the LED arrays according the customer's specific dimension and color requests. The LED array assembly process typically takes less than a day, before the LED arrays ship directly to TeamLED for final assembly. There, the LED arrays will undergo final assembly where they interface with a custom Light Storm control module. Finally, a vehicle installer will mount the completed LED automotive lighting system directly onto the end user's vehicle.

LED Undercarriage Operation

Most customers prefer a complete undercarriage lighting system, consisting of four separate LED arrays. Typically, two 34 inch and two 65 inch LED arrays make up a complete underbody kit. The shorter LED arrays mounted just below the front and rear bumpers, provide ground illumination in the area between both front and both rear tires. The longer LED arrays mounted beneath the vehicle on each side, illuminate the ground area between the front and rear tires. Actual required lengths will vary depending on the specific vehicle, but are available in any increment of 1.8 inches. The outer polycarbonate tube casing offers a durable, weather resistant form of protection for the LEDs and electronic components within. A series of mounting clips and hardware securely fasten each 5/8 inch tube to the vehicle's underside. A simple network of insulated wire jumpers interconnects each LED array to the next, and to the Light Storm control module. The Light Storm LED kit offers superior energy efficiency when compared to traditional accent kits, such as Neon. For additional information about designing or manufacturing custom products such as LED tail lights, please contact Lunar Accents Design. For more information, or to order the Light Store LED kit, contact TeamLED directly at