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LED circuits

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LED Stage Lighting Controllers

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I am a countertop fabricator in Rock Springs, WY 82901. I have a bar and a stage to build and need to illuminate it from the underside. I tested a product called a colortube. Basicly a tube with Blue REd Green led lights in it going to a controller. Works good but has a difuser on it that I do not need. Bar is 45lf and I need 3 strips of lights through it. Max of 2.5' in height. Stage is 15'x14'. Need 14' of lights every 2 feet. Is this somting you can do or if not could you direct me to some company that does do this sort of thing.

LED Controllers for Stage Lighting

I have seen numerous companies that specifically produce LED lighting products for stage lighting. I cannot recommend a specific name, but I can suggest that you stay away from any Chinese suppliers. Some of them tend to exaggerate their performance specifications, or simply push the LEDs to achieve a higher output. This can dramatically affect LED life and reliability. It is also important to purchase the LED arrays and controller from the same supplier. To be more specific, the controller should have been designed for that particular LED light engine. Stay away from any universal LED controllers, unless you plan on doing the calculations and conformity testing to ensure voltages and currents are appropriate for both units. Some modern LED bars may even incorporate the controller circuits within the light itself, so you would not have to worry about purchasing and connecting an external controller box.