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LED circuits

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LED Soldering Tips

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I'm actually new to this, but i definitly would like 2 give my prject a try. I am goin 2 do a LED tailight conversion project for a Pair of 01 ford Focus 4 door lights. now i have some knowledge already on how 2 wire the lights but its the board and the leds im going to sauder is the tricky part. so my questions are how easy is it 2 sauder the leds and what would i need 2 make a certain section of leds to light up?

Getting Started with LED Tail Light Projects

You may want to consider an LED tail light kit with LEDs and the circuit board included. This would ensure that you connect the LEDs properly, and are using them as they are designed to be used. Otherwise, you will need to learn all about ohms law, which deals with the relationship between voltage, current and resistance. You will also need to become familiar with calculating wattages. All of this knowledge would enable you to design and construct a simple LED circuit to be employed in your 2001 Ford Focus taillights. Also, if you have never soldered, I recommend purchasing a learn-to-solder kit. Such a kit should provide basic soldering instructions and practice drills, so you do not screw up your LED taillights. Many electronics parts, including LEDs, are sensitive to the heat applied from your soldering iron, so you need to know how long to apply the heat. The soldering practice kit along with an LED taillight kit, should be the fasted way to complete your project. However, if you decide to take the next step and attempt to design your own LED circuity, this will obviously involve more time for training, and probably trail and error. Our website contains lots of information related to basic LED circuit design, but if you have specific questions you can submit them through our Free Design Support Program.

Soldering Tips for LED Boards

Through-hole LEDs (that is LEDs with leads that pass through the circuit board) are generally easier to work with than surface mount LEDs (which sit on the surface of the board). Leaded solder is always much easier to work with than lead-free solder, but requires extra care due to potential health hazards. Also, one of the most important aspects of hand soldering is to use the correct size of tip, and keep it clean. The soldering tip width should be about as wide as the pads on the circuit board. Don't use a surface mount soldering tip is you plan on soldering through-hole LEDs, and likewise, don't use a soldering gun designed for house plumbing, to solder components on circuit boards. Be sure to wet your soldering sponge and wipe your iron tip each time you remove it from the stand.