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General LED Safety Device

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I would like to develop a blinking lighting device, with a variety of blinking modes and available in a variety of colors, that is easy on, easy off for children's clothing, strollers, bicycles, motorcyclists, joggers, backpacks, pet collars, etc. Lighting must be bright enough for drivers to see in the dark or dusk. Device to have a novelty design, such as a beetle, but not be too cute that adults would not use it. Prefer a retro look. The device should not be bulky or heavy, comes with an easy to use attachment device, such as a velcro strap and or karibiner type hook, that can withstand movement such as jogging or bicycling, hiking, etc. Devices to be individually packaged for resale and sold through distributor to merchandiser.

Design Considerations for LED Safety Device

Since your device will offer more than one color, you might want to consider using an RGB LED. This allows you to produce a variety of colors from a single package, and even alternate between colors through the use of an LED controller. Your product design will focus mostly on the LED controller, since you require several modes for flashing, blinking, and other features. The software designed for the LED controller would ultimately provide the functionally to produce the effects, and could be easily updated without modifying any physical hardware. Also consider using a minimal duty cycle while driving the LEDs (LED on time) to help maintain battery life. Rather than allowing the LEDs to operate continuously, a series of quick flashes can still offer good visibility, but will greatly increase overall battery life.