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LED Fish Tank Lights

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I am trying to determine what type of lighting to install in my new 230 gal set-up. Ideally, I would like to insert lighting for the long-term rather have to replace/upgrade in a few years. Could you provide me additional info on your LED product(s) Do you sell a model for large tank sizes. My tank dimensions are approximately 72'L x 24'D x 30'H

Longevity in Fish Tank Lighting

If you're looking for longevity in fish tank lighting and LEDs are definitely the way to go. Originally, LED manufactures published data life extending out to 100,000 hours. Most modern LEDs are rated at 50,000 hour life expectancy's. This value actually refers to lumen maintenance, as opposed to overall life of the LED. So 70% lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours actually means the LED should exhibit 70% of its original luminous flux once it reaches the 50,000 hour mark. One possible issue associated with fish tank lighting is the salt content of the tank water. As the salt comes in contact with the LEDs and associated electronics the corrosion process begins. Perhaps the contamination factor would affect overall system life and reliability more so than what the LED fish tank light was designed for. So it would be very important to ensure the fish tank light was environmentally sealed.